Welcome to casino roulette flaw. Roulette is an awesome gambling game and one which few have been able to beat successfully. Why? the house edge is almost impossible to defeat in a random scenario. I have to be honest with you, If you want to stop losing or start winning at roulette, forget magic roulette system or strategy that guarantee you will win. None of them work. Save your money.

However, what if you knew about a flaw in the formula that generates these random numbers at specific casinos?

keep in mind: online roulette is a just a program. If there is a flaw, it can be exploited.

I used to work as a game programmer for many casino online companies. After few months, I noticed something atypical in the casino roulette code. A certain event was actually programmed to never happen. It seems that the intentions of the companies were to avoid situations that could cause players to doubt the randomness of the game.

In doing so, the casino made a mistake. It created an exploitable flaw at its roulette game that could allow a smart player to easily win. This roulette flaw has not been corrected.

I have my own reasons for making the roulette flaw public. You just take advantage of it.

Now decide which will be your next pass. If you decide to abandon this site, I will respect your decision, but we assure you that you will appreciate reading the casino roulette flaw.