Unless you already know about it, this casino roulette flaw is practically impossible to find. The casinos do not know about it yet. It occurs with the ‘Dozen’ bets High | Middle | Low. To ensure you understand this topic, I have illustrated it below:

  • This is a bet on “ Low ”. You win if any number from 1-12 (inclusive) comes in.

  • This is a bet on “ Middle ”. You win if any number from 13-24 (inclusive) comes in.

middle bet

  • This is a bet on “High”. You win if any number from 25-36 (inclusive) comes in.

high bet

The flaw core: there is an event that is programmed to NEVER happen is for a ‘High’, ‘Medium’, or ‘Low’ number to NOT appear for MORE than 16 consecutive spins.

This means, that at least ONE ‘High’, ‘Medium’, AND ‘Low’ number must ALWAYS appear in 16 consecutive spins. You may already be guessing how you can exploit the roulette flaw, but please keep reading to learn the best way of exploiting the casino rulette flaw.

Note: the flaw DOES NOT occur in any practice mode since the spins are generated locally by your computer.